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Scotland "inextricably linked" to Christian heritage

Posted by SCMO on 19th May 2005 in Christianity |
...signs of Christianity in society;  "I think of the Christmas Nativity Scene at the corner of the Mound in Edinburgh each year; I think of that most wonderful performance of the Easter Play on the afternoon of Holy Saturday prior to Easter Sunday; I am aware of performances of the equivalent of passion plays such as Christ at Dundas ."  Cardinal O'Brien concludes with a reminder of how sizeable a group Christian churchgoers still are:  "despite talk of decline we do perhaps need to remember that according to the last National Census around two thirds of Scots still describe themselves as Christians. Churchgoers today are self-selecting, they opt to go to chu...

St. Andrew's Conference

Posted by SCMO on 30th November 2012 in Christianity |
...roots of Christianity has become heightened.   The beauty and richness of its witness to the person of Jesus Christ in all aspects of human life and society is a compelling answer to the void of secularism.    Professor George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Centre, a Catholic theologian, one of America's leading public intellectuals, and the biographer of the late Pope John Paul II will also address the Conference.He will propose that we are living at the end of Counter-Reformation Catholicism and the beginning of Evangelical Catholicism. Arguing that; In the post-World War II period, Catholics experienced a relatively...

Scotland's Catholic Bishops meet the Pope

Posted by SCMO on 3rd April 2003 in Christianity |
...teeped in Christianity, there no longer exists the reality of a "Christian society", that is, a society which, despite human weaknesses and failings, takes the Gospel as the explicit measure of its life and values. Rather, modern civilisation, although highly developed from the standpoint of technology, is often stunted in its inner depths by a tendency to exclude God or keep him at a distance."He called for, a "new evangelisation" which "must be marked by hope" and urged the Bishops, in their work, saying; "As shepherds of souls, you should never let yourselves become discouraged in your efforts to direct the whole of Christian life and the entire Christian com...

Cardinal addresses Catholic headteachers

Posted by SCMO on 20th September 2004 in Christianity |
...roots of Christianity in Scotland. It is appropriate that this should be  the starting point for a brief reflection on the journey of faith our nation  has taken since Ninian brought the Christian message to these shores those  1600 years ago. As the centuries passed, the tide of Christianity he led  would flow until it covered the entirety of Scotland in a ˜sea of faith . In  more recent decades that tide has ebbed dramatically and the ˜sea of  Christianity in which we were once immerged has receded. It has often been  replaced by a new tide of rampant secular materialism which has left us on a  sea of self-centred consumerism where we often strug...

Cardinal calls on Christians to act together in the face of "aggressive secularism"

Posted by SCMO on 22nd April 2011 in Christianity |
...ularly of Christianity, that is taking place in some quarters, even in nations which place a great emphasis on tolerance .Just a few weeks ago a Presbyterian Minister in the Church of Scotland contacted me to say how much he appreciated my comments at that time in support of religious freedom in other countries. My correspondent contrasted the promise by the British Government to act against the persecution of Christians in other countries, while apparently ignoring the increasing marginalisation of Christians in the United Kingdom.I am sure his point was well made.   Recently, various Christians in our Society were marginalised and prevented from acting in acc...

Cardinal O'Brien visits Ukraine

Posted by SCMO on 26th June 2005 in Christianity |
...ferent to Christianity at school.  The visit also continues during the Year of the Eucharist when the Ukrainian peoples are thinking of resurrection and new life brought about by Christ in the Eucharist.  Cardinal O Brien has had longstanding links with the Ukrainian people. When he was an altar server in St Columba s Parish, Edinburgh, as a young boy and then man, he vividly remembers the Ukrainian peoples in exile celebrating Mass in St Columba s after the normal Sunday Masses for parishioners “ until they managed to purchase their own church within the city of Edinburgh.  The full text of the Cardinal's homily in St Alexander's Cathedral in Kiev is show...
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