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Pope Francis appoints new bishop of Paisley

Posted by SCMO on 8th February 2014 in Christianity |
Pope Francis appoints new bishop of Paisley Pope Francis has today (Saturday 8 February 2014) appointed Fr John keenan, as bishop of Paisley.  The Diocese of Paisley has been vacant since September 2012, when bishop Philip Tartaglia became Archbishop of Glasgow. Fr David Boyd has been the Administrator of the Diocese in the interim.Reacting to the announcement, bishop-Elect keenan said; While nervous at my appointment, I have been very uplifted at the congratulations and good wishes I have received so far which have given me more confidence.   Everyone I speak to says Paisley is a wonderful diocese with good priests and people full of faith. I am looking fo...

Science and religion intertwined writes bishop keenan

Posted by SCMO on 12th May 2015 in Christianity | Science, religion, bishop John keenan,
Science and religion intertwined writes bishop keenan. Writing in today s Scotsman (12 May 2015) bishop John keenan, the bishop of Paisley describes the Catholic Church and the science as "conjoined twins in the advancement of knowledge Dogmatic certainties are as likely to be found in both science as they are in religion writes bishop keenan, but rather than competing, science and religion should complement one another. bishop keenan claims that no one should feel "compelled to make a choice between science or religion, presuming that aligning ourselves with one entails rejecting the other. Adding "finding the really important truths of existence needs both...

Ordination of new bishop of Paisley

Posted by SCMO on 18th March 2014 in Christianity |
Tuesday 18 March 2014Ordination of new bishop of PaisleyThe Episcopal Ordination of Fr John keenan as the new bishop of Paisley will take place at St. Mirin s Cathedral in Paisley on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at 7pm.Speaking ahead of his Episcopal Ordination bishop Elect keenan said; I know Paisley is a wonderful diocese with good priests and people full of faith. I am looking forward to being with my brother priests, many of whom I already know really well, and getting to know the people and the parishes of the diocese.   I hope just to settle in and listen a lot.  The new bishop will be consecrated by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow and the co-consecr...

bishop calls on Scots to show solidarity with people fleeing IS

Posted by SCMO on 15th June 2016 in Blogging |
bishop John keenan, bishop of Paisley, will tomorrow (Thursday 16 June 2016) ask Scots to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with those who are persecuted and oppressed for their religious faith.   Addressing more than a thousand Catholic school pupils at the Aid to the Church in Need youth rally at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at Carfin, near Motherwell, on Thursday 16 June, bishop keenan will commend the bravery of keynote speaker, 20-year-old Sarmad Ozan who fled Mosul, northern Iraq after it was seized by IS in 2014.   bishop keenan will call on Scotland’s political leaders to renew their commitment to religious freedo...

bishop and Minister launch local book

Posted by SCMO on 10th October 2016 in Blogging |
    bishop and Minister launch local book   6 October 2016   The bishop of Paisley, bishop John keenan and the Minster of Paisley Abbey, Rev. Alan Birss have joined local author and retired head teacher Tom Higgins to launch a book on the first Catholic school in Paisley. The school was established in October 1816 and was run by a committee of 12 Protestants and 12 Catholics, a cooperation highly untypical of its time and place. Early teaching was provided by two French priests, who had fled to Paisley as refugees from the French Revolution, they also provided private tuition for the offspring of Paisley’s emerging Protestant entr...

Scottish delegation travel to Philadelphia for World Meeting of Families

Posted by SCMO on 22nd September 2015 in Christianity | bishop John keenan, Pope Francis, World Meeting of Families, Philadelpia
For the first time ever, the Catholic Church in Scotland will be officially represented at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, between 22 and 25 September 2015.       The delegation will be led by bishop John keenan of Paisley and include Fr. Nicholas Monaghan from the Church’s National Commission for Marriage and the Family. They will be joined by John Deighan, former Parliamentary Officer of the bishops Conference, now director of SPUC Scotland and his wife Angela, as well as Fr. John McGinley from the Archdiocese of Glasgow.       The World Meeting of Families, from 22 September – 25 September, i...
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