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Archbishop Philip Tartaglia welcomes publication of Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si”

Posted by SCMO on 18th June 2015 in Christianity | Pope Francis, Archbishop Tartaglia, encyclical, Laudato Si
...he Pope s encyclical is a major step forward in confronting the confronting the serious perils of environmental decline with an ecological vision which is capable of restoring harmony to our relationship with creation, with nature and with the earth, as well as influencing concrete environmental policies.   Pope Francis encyclical, Laudato Si , is capable of really changing minds and hearts and lifestyles. I encourage everyone to pray over it, read it, ponder it, discuss it and put it into practice. It could “ literally “ help to save the world.   ENDS   Peter KearneyDirectorCatholic Media Office5 St. Vincent PlaceGlasgowG1 2DH0141 221 1168(T...

Scottish Government urged to follow Pope’s lead and foster “constructive dialogue”

Posted by SCMO on 13th October 2020 in Blogging |
...utti, the encyclical is subtitled "on fraternity and social friendship" and is a plea for peace in the world. The title draws its inspiration from the words of St Francis and the life that he proposed for those who followed him. In the document, the Pope encourages us all to find bonds that will unite us in solidarity, fraternity and support for one another, especially as we face the continuing rigours and dangers of the pandemic.   He affirms the simple truth that we are brothers and sisters, living in a common home and sharing a common humanity and reminds us that dialogue should be respectful and strive for consensus, which leads to a culture of encounte...

Cardinal O'Brien's WYD lectures

Posted by SCMO on 22nd August 2005 in Christianity |
...Cardinal O'Brien's WYD lectures.  Attending last week's World Youth day events in Cologne, Cardinal Keith O'Brien delivered two catechesis sessions on 18 and 19 August. In the first, the Cardinal spoke on the topic; "MEETING CHRIST IN THE EUCHARIST" describing the Eucharist as;  "a help for our journey through life, a help for our journey into eternity, that bond which unites us with the whole Church in Heaven, on Earth and in Purgatory, and which hopefully one day will be our ˜Viaticum , our final ˜way to Almighty God."  Cardinal O'Brien recounted several masses he had celebrated throughout his life as a priest, bishop and cardinal, the last mentioned b...

Bishops publish letter of hope on Pandemic

Posted by SCMO on 7th December 2020 in Blogging |
...7 December 2020 Scotland’s Catholic Bishops publish letter of hope. In a National Pastoral Letter to Scotland’s Catholic community, the Catholic Bishops of Scotland have highlighted “reasons for hope, as we live through these difficult times”. The document, suggests society has begun to rediscover universal human dignity, pointing out that when citizens were asked “to make difficult and prolonged sacrifices for the sake of the most vulnerable and they willingly responded.” The letter describes this genuine concern for the vulnerable as “obvious and beautiful”. The letter goes on to hope, that “the love and compassion we have shown amid so mu...

Pope's Prayer to Mary in Scottish Parliament

Posted by SCMO on 13th November 2002 in Christianity |
..."In a historic address to the Scottish Parliament, Sr. Roseann Reddy, of  Cardinal Winning's Pro-Life Initiative will today use a prayer of Pope John  Paul II directed to Mary the Mother of God in her ""Time for Reflection""  delivered at 2.30pm on Wednesday 13 November 2002.  This is believed to be the first time in the reconvened parliament that a  Pope's prayer, particularly one addressed to Mary, has been read aloud.  In that prayer found at the end of the encyclical on the Gospel of Life,  Pope John Paul entrusted the cause of life to Mary, the ""Bright dawn of the  new world, Mother of the living"". He asked the Mother of God to grant that  ""all...

Cardinal O'Brien's Christmas Message

Posted by SCMO on 13th December 2007 in Christianity |
...ect of an encyclical letter by Pope Benedict XVI and that same message was echoed by nine of our Scottish Christian leaders who worked together to prepare a shared Christmas message. An endeavour, which in itself is a sign of hope. Above all else the Christmas season is a time of hope - hope for all of the earth “ that we will see love and joy and goodness and beauty, the signs of God s presence on earth and renew our hope that there will be peace and goodwill among all peoples.  As we look to the New Year ahead we must be ready to translate these hopes into action. We must continue to pressurise our political leaders to ensure that they are more and more aw...
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