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Posted by SCMO on 25th December 2002 in Christianity |

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE  FROM ARCHBISHOP KEITH PATRICK O'BRIEN  PRESIDENT OF THE BISHOPS' CONFERENCE OF SCOTLAND.  It is some 57 years now since the end of the Second World War. I myself barely remember Christmases during that time. But what I do remember is that my parents gave me every love and affection ­ although my father was often away from home, as he served in the Royal Navy. For me, as a young boy growing up, it was almost as if there was no war taking place at all.  At this present time, we are frequently reminded of the war on terrorism, which affects us all. Obviously, some are affected more than others. In various parts of the world many have been k...

Sermon by Bishop Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell For The Funeral of Cardinal Winning

Posted by SCMO on 25th June 2001 in Christianity |

Last Tuesday evening, shortly before I left home for yet another Confirmation, Mgr Peter Smith, the Chancellor here, phoned me with an offer that I could scarcely refuse. I said to him, "Peter, I have been dreading this moment for years". That moment is this moment, when I try to capture something of the life of the man who was a superstar of the Catholic Church in Scotland in the 20th century.It is a near impossible task, for how do you capture the "will o' the wisp" in anything? But my starting point is obvious, to convey the condolences of all who have come from beyond the Archdiocese to the Cardinal's sister Margaret, her children Agnes and Edward and their ...

Cardinal-designate calls for unity and prayer.

Posted by SCMO on 10th July 2003 in Christianity |

...ed to the home of Frank and Lorraine Cusack (Mrs Cusack is the daughter of the Cardinal-elect's housekeeper Mrs. Theresa Muldoon) where he met the couple's four day old baby son; Adam James Keith Cusack. The baby was born last Friday 3 October and the couple decided to give their son the middle name Keith in celebration of the fact that he was born in the week of the announcement that the Archbishop of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh was to become a Cardinal.  Cardinal-designate O'Brien commented;  " I am delighted to meet Adam James Keith and share the joy of his family at his safe arrival. His presence underlines for me the God given miracle of life which as a so...

Archbishop O'Brien's Pastoral Visit to Romania

Posted by SCMO on 16th September 2003 in Christianity |

... Archbishop O'Brien's Pastoral Visit to Romania  31 August ­ 4 September 2003  A full report of this visit follows below, photographs of the openingmass and the state orphanage are available in JPEG format from the Catholic Media Office  Archbishop O'Brien returned from his pastoral visit having experienced at first hand just a little of the hardships of life for the people of Romania.  His visit began with Mass last Sunday in the Sacred Heart Church in Darmanesti, near Bacau in central Romania. He spoke of the welcome he was given by the parish priest Fr Eugen, the sisters and the young people who had visited his home last month; he recognised the crucif...

Funeral Mass of Rt.Rev.John Aloysius Mone

Posted by SCMO on 21st October 2016 in Blogging |

...eeling at home in the big family of the Church, John would be the first to recognise the benefit to the Father house that it has many rooms. 3. The homily of any Mass, no less a Requiem Mass, should preach about Jesus.  It is out of the Body of Christ, broken for us on the holy mountain of Calvary, that the Father Almighty has prepared the banquet of our Salvation in the rich food and fine wine of His Son’s redeeming flesh and blood.  It is because of the humbling of Our Lord Jesus on the Cross that humanity’s veil of shame and disgrace has been removed.  It is His death that swallows up our death forever. ...

home Secretary urged to "welcome strangers"

Posted by SCMO on 20th December 2004 in Christianity |

...Catholic Church urges new home Secretary to " welcome the stranger in our midst" and to " offer asylum to all those who require it."  Justice and Peace National Secretary Calls for rethink on asylum and immigration  Scottish Catholic Justice and Peace National Secretary Richard McCready has written to the new home Secretary Charles Clarke congratulating him on his appointment as home Secretary. Dr McCready highlighted the work which the Commission has done in relation to asylum and immigration and called on Mr Clarke and his colleagues to consider their policy towards asylum.  Richard McCready said, ˜I wanted to congratulate Mr Clarke on his appointment to ...
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