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Pope accepts Cardinal O'Brien's resignation

Posted by SCMO on 25th February 2013 in Christianity |
11am - Monday 25 February 2013  Pope accepts Cardinal O'Brien's resignation    The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has accepted on the 18 February 2013 the resignation of His Eminence Cardinal Keith Patrick O Brien from the pastoral governance of the Archdiocese of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh.     This information will be announced and published in the Osservatore Romano of Monday 25 February 2013.  The Cardinal had already presented last November his resignation in view of his 75th birthday on 17 March 2013, and it was accepted by the Holy Father with the formula 'nunc pro tunc' (now for later).     Given the imminent Vacant See, the Holy Father has now d...

Church welcomes Pope Francis’ decision to accept Cardinal O’Brien’s resignation

Posted by SCMO on 20th March 2015 in Christianity | Cardinal Keith O'Brien, resignation, Archbishop Cushley, Pope Francis
The Catholic Church in Scotland has welcomed the decision of Pope Francis to accept the resignation of Cardinal Keith Patrick O Brien from the rights and duties of a Cardinal. In what is an unprecedented action, Cardinal O Brien has now removed himself from the key duties that pertain to the office of Cardinal: the election of any future Pope and the assistance of the Holy Father in the governance of the Universal Church. Cardinal O Brien will also be reduced to a strictly private life with no further participation in any public, religious or civil events. Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews & Edinburgh said; As most people are aware, Pope Francis is a go...

Pope accepts Bishop Devine's resignation

Posted by SCMO on 31st May 2013 in Christianity |
Pope accepts Bishop Devine's resignationPope Francis had today, 31 May 2013, accepted the resignation of Bishop Joseph Devine, as Bishop of Motherwell.Bishop Joseph Toal, Bishop of Argyll & the Isles will act as Apostolic Administrator until a successor is appointed.Commenting on the announcement, Bishop Devine said; 30 years is around 11,000 days and well over 10,000 of these days have been very happy ones for me.  Of course there have been sad days, days in which I presided at the funerals of over 80 priests, 3 of them were barely 40 years old.  But after such a long time in office I will be very glad, like the old soldier, simply to fade away.  I wil...

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia on the current difficulties facing the Catholic Church in Scotland

Posted by SCMO on 4th March 2013 in Christianity |
Monday 4 March 2013Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, Archbishop of Glasgow and ApostolicAdministrator of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh celebratesMass tonight (Monday 4 March) at St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow at a  pre-scheduled Lent Station Mass.    In his sermon he will make reference to the current difficulties facingthe Catholic Church in Scotland.   The relevant extracts from his sermonfollow:  "This is a sad moment for the Church in our country. The events aroundCardinal O Brien, his resignation, his statement of yesterday, have leftus all very sad for everyone involved and for the Church. I have beenasked to administer the Archdiocese of...

Bishop Mone of Paisley retires

Posted by SCMO on 7th October 2004 in Christianity |
Bishop of Paisley retires.  Pope John Paul II has accepted the resignation of Bishop John Mone, Bishop of Paisley, in accordance with Canon 401.1 of the Code of Canon Law, which requires that a Bishop submit his resignation when he reaches the age of 75.  The Pope has appointed Archbishop Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese, until a new Bishop is appointed.  Reacting to the announcement, Bishop Mone said;  "It has been a pleasure and an honour to serve as Bishop as Paisley for over  16 years. I have been very happy in the diocese and always grateful for  the support and prayers of the laity, clergy and religious.  ...

Funeral Mass Homily for Bishop Joseph Devine

Posted by SCMO on 3rd June 2019 in Blogging |
...until his resignation was accepted by Pope Francis in May 2013. His therefore was a lengthy episcopal ministry in this Diocese and it was marked by his dedication above all to his identification with Christ the Priest.   As priest, the Bishop in Motherwell has a very full programme in celebrating the Mass and sacraments in our parishes and schools. There is not much respite, which is a good sign as the people want to have the Bishop as the celebrant at the special parish and Diocesan events. The annual round of confirmations is a big part of the Bishop’s ministry and Bishop Devine followed this through year by year - I think he was always conscious of the c...
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