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Archbishop Gerhard Müller to deliver "Cardinal Winning Lecture"

Posted by SCMO on 13th June 2013 in Christianity |
Thursday 13 June 2013   Archbishop Gerhard Müller the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will visit Scotland this week to deliver the prestigious "Cardinal Winning Lecture" at the University of Glasgow.   The Archbishop who heads the Vatican department charged with promoting and safeguarding Catholic doctrine has a long standing relationship with Scotland and has visited many times. For ten years he was Bishop of Regensburg, which is twinned with Aberdeen, and has visited as the guest of both Bishops Conti and Moran on a number of occasions.   He will also bring a message from Pope Francis to Scotland's Catholics, visit a Ca...

Cardinal O'Brien & Bishop Tartaglia continue opposition to HFEA Bill

Posted by SCMO on 10th April 2008 in Christianity |
Thursday 10 April.Cardinal Keith O'Brien has used "You Tube" to warn of the dangers in the Government's "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill". In a 5 minute film which will be copied to DVD and sent to all UK MP's, the Cardinal reiterates his opposition to the creation of animal-human hybrid embryos and highlights recent opinion poll findings on the subject.The video can be viewed at or on "You Tube" at Cardinal's message follows a letter sent yesterday to MP's in the Diocese of Paisley by Bishop Philip Tartaglia urging them not to vote for the Bill. The letter is addressed to Douglas Alexander MP fo...

Cardinal calls for "Faith and Science" forum

Posted by SCMO on 28th March 2008 in Christianity |
EMBARGO 7.30PM FRIDAY 28 MARCH 2008Cardinal O'Brien calls for "Faith and Science" forum on Embryology BillSpeaking at a Public Meeting in Kirkaldy this evening (28 March) on the ˜Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill , Cardinal Keith O'Brien will call for greater communication between faith leaders and scientists. He will say; "I see the way ahead through bringing together the Churches and peoples of all faiths, along with scientists who are involved at this present time". The Cardinal will add;" have been approached by MPs and asked by others in the media to consider meeting with leading scientists who are currently involved in this area. I would be only to...

Cardinal attacks "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill"

Posted by SCMO on 20th March 2008 in Christianity |
Friday 20 March 2008Cardinal Keith O'Brien will   use his Easter Sunday Homily on 23 March 2008 to launch apowerful attack on the Government's   "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill"   currently  going through Parliament.In the homily, the Cardinal will describe the proposed legislation as "amonstrous attack on human rights, human dignity and human life" adding "Insome other European countries one could be jailed for doing what we intendto make legal"Cardinal O'Brien will also accuse Gordon Brown of denying Labour MP's "theright to vote according to their conscience" and backing a law which will,"add to the 2.2 million human embryos already destroyed or...

"embryos are not clusters of exploitable cells."

Posted by SCMO on 28th August 2002 in Christianity |
Statement from Archbishop Mario Conti Archbishop of Glasgow and member of the Bishops' Joint Bioethics Committee.  28 August 2002  "embryos are not clusters of exploitable cells."  "The storage of thousands of human embryos is proposed by the Medical  Research Council, they would be used in the development of gene therapies.  They are subject to experiments and destroyed.  These embryos are either "superfluous" i.e.; left over from in-vitro  fertilisation procedures or created specifically as a bank of such cells.  Time and time again serious and well-informed commentators, including  persons within the medical profession have called for a public debate...

Bishop Keenan on three person embryos

Posted by SCMO on 3rd February 2015 in Christianity | Bishop Keenan, three person embryos, human fertilisation and embryology
Following today's vote in the House of Commons to allow three person embryos, Bishop John Keenan, the Bishop of Paisley said; "The proposed techniques fail on a number of ethical grounds which should concern us all: They destroy human life, since in order to construct a disease free embryo, two healthy ones will have to be destroyed. The technique is not a treatment, it does not cure anyone or anything, rather it seeks to remove anyone affected by certain conditions from the human gene pool. Destroying those who have a particular disease and presenting it as a cure or as progress is utterly disingenuous and completely unethical. No other country in the world h...
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