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Cardinal O'Brien urges Glenrothes constituents to "Go out and vote!".

Posted by SCMO on 10th October 2008 in Christianity |

Friday 10 October 2008 Cardinal O'Brien urges Glenrothes constituents to "Go out and vote!". In a letter to be read in the three catholic parishes in the constituency of Glenrothes this weekend, Cardinal Keith O'Brien in whose archdiocese the constituency is situated will urge parishioners to "Go out and vote!", reminding them that "The right to vote is a very important one, which places an obligation on every citizen to participate in the democratic process." The Cardinal also suggests that parish groups should "host or participate in hustings and campaign meetings (and) take every opportunity to acquaint yourself with the issues and the candidates before you."...

Cardinal calls for "Faith and Science" forum

Posted by SCMO on 28th March 2008 in Christianity |

...en a free vote with regard to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Many agree with me in that a free vote should be granted “ particularly as free votes have been granted on causes much less important, such as fox hunting and the docking of dogs tails! Consequently, when this Bill is considered, I would certainly maintain that Members of Parliament of whatever Party should be allowed to vote according to their conscience.I would ask: when is a ˜free vote not a ˜free vote !Prime Minister Gordon Brown has indicated that Labour MPs will be allowed a free vote on three key issues “ the mixing of human and animal cells in research embryos, the use ...

Reaction to Embryology "Free vote"

Posted by SCMO on 25th March 2008 in Christianity |

...Reaction to Embryology "Free vote"Tuesday 25 March 2008Reacting to the announcement today by Gordon Brown that Labour MP's will be allowed a 'free vote' on aspects of the "Human fertilisation and Embryology Bill", the Parliamentary Officer of the Catholic Church in Scotland, John Deighan commented:"This is a belated acknowledgement that these are important issues of conscience but still leaves Labour MP's in a position where they may have to vote for something which they believe to be intrinsically wrong, since the 'free vote' only applies to amendments to the Bill so at a later stage the Government will still compel them to back it.'Mr Deighan added;"Ultimately...

Bishops urge Catholics to "be active participants in shaping a better society"

Posted by SCMO on 04th April 2016 in Blogging |

...In a letter which will be read in all of Scotland’s 500 Catholic parishes this weekend (9/10 April) Scotland’s eight Catholic Bishops will urge parishioners to "be active participants in shaping a better society” not simply "passive spectators” they will also encourage greater participation in the political process, suggesting; "you might well consider it worthwhile to join a political party”  while reminding Catholic voters that "Only if you use your vote can you make a difference and influence our political leaders.”   The call to get involved in the election, scrutinise candidates and parties and ...

Cardinal attacks "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill"

Posted by SCMO on 20th March 2008 in Christianity |

...Friday 20 March 2008Cardinal Keith O'Brien will   use his Easter Sunday Homily on 23 March 2008 to launch apowerful attack on the Government's   "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill"   currently  going through Parliament.In the homily, the Cardinal will describe the proposed legislation as "amonstrous attack on human rights, human dignity and human life" adding "Insome other European countries one could be jailed for doing what we intendto make legal"Cardinal O'Brien will also accuse Gordon Brown of denying Labour MP's "theright to vote according to their conscience" and backing a law which will,"add to the 2.2 million human embryos already destroyed or ...

Cardinal O'Brien highlights the "barbaric indifference to the rights of the unborn"

Posted by SCMO on 23rd October 2008 in Christianity |

...cribe the vote on the HFEA Bill in parliament on Wednesday 22 October as "a tragedy for our country" adding "as a direct consequence of this legislation the value of human life will be eroded even further in the United Kingdom."Cardinal O'Brien will also call on those campaigning in defence of life to channel as much energy as possible into influencing the electorate and not just the elected, in the form of MP's and MSP's. He will say; " We can of course rail against the failures of our parliamentarians, in Europe, in London or in Edinburgh.   We can apportion blame and lament inaction BUT we must also recognise that those elected by us, in our name, for the mo...
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