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Scottish Church Leaders Urge Truthfulness in Political Debate

Posted by SCMO on 27th November 2019 in Blogging |
...l as they vote and make decisions that will affect the future of our country.   “We would urge people to treat those who are standing for public office with respect and to use a tone in our debates that recognises the human value in all of us – even, and especially when, we disagree.   “We are all entitled to our own opinions and strong beliefs, and debates sometimes do get passionate and vigorous. But let us ensure that truthfulness and integrity are at the forefront of what we say and do.   “As people of faith, we believe in the flourishing of local communities and the importance of acting to make sure this can become a reality. There are man...

Cardinal O'Brien on Abortion

Posted by SCMO on 18th March 2005 in Christianity |
...ssible or vote to leave the legislation as it is suggesting that all abortions are permissible.  Pope John Paul II specifically addressed such a scenario when he spoke at the Jubilee for Parliamentarians in 2000. He said: when you cannot get exactly what you want or require, it is legitimate to make an imperfect choice, since the object of your choice is the preservation of the lives of unborn children (in this example, those aged between 20 and 24 weeks).  In fact the Pope stressed that when faced with an opportunity to make legislation less harmful than it is at present, it would be wrong not to take it, stressing at all time however that such a choice was...
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