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Bishops Conference of Scotland Meeting: March 2016

Posted by SCMO on 14th March 2016 in Blogging |

Summary of Meeting and Decisions   SUNDAY TRADING:   The Bishops' agreed to endorse a letter drafted by the Christian Institute on the subject of a proposed change in Sunday trading law in England & Wales. Although Employment Law is a reserved power to Westminster it could have knock on effects on the rights of Scottish workers. The letters are addressed to Scottish MP's. The text of the letter is shown below:   "Dear Sir,   On Wednesday the Westminster Parliament will vote on whether or not to liberalise Sunday trading laws in England and Wales.   Some might suggest that this is not a matter for Scotland but this is plainl...

Funeral Mass of Rt.Rev.John Aloysius Mone

Posted by SCMO on 21st October 2016 in Blogging |

Friday 21st October 2016, St.Mirin   Bishop John Keenan, Bishop of Paisley, will be the principal celebrant and homilist at the Funeral Mass for his predecessor Bishop John Mone (Bishop of Paisley, 1988-2004) in St.Mirin’s Cathedral Paisley.  He will be accompanied by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and Bishop Brian McGee and other Scottish Bishops, along with the priests of the Diocese of Paisley and the other Scottish dioceses, principally the Archdiocese of Glasgow where Bishop Mone was a priest for 32 years prior to his consecration as a bishop.  Numerous nieces and nephews of Bishop Mone and other relatives and friends will be i...

Justice & Peace Letter for the Feast of the Epiphany 2010

Posted by SCMO on 12th January 2010 in Christianity |

Justice & Peace Letter for the Feast of the Epiphany 2010       From Bishop Peter Moran, President of the Justice and Peace Commission of  the Bishops' Conference of Scotland     Glory to God and Peace on Earth :       Once again in 2009 this is the Christmas message.     If you want peace, work for justice :     Once again for 2010 this is the New Year message.     It is  unjust that others suffer poverty, while we are comfortably off.     It is  unjust that others suffer oppression, while we live in freedom.     Injustice of this kind breeds anger, revolt and war.     Injustice of this...

Archbishop Conti speaks against "End of Life Assitance Bill

Posted by SCMO on 15th February 2010 in Christianity |

Archbishop Conti opposed to Margo MacDonald s End of Life Asssitance Bill The Archbishop of Glasgow, the Most Reverend Mario Conti, has hit out against Margo MacDonald s End of Life Assistance Bill by saying it is wrong in principle and that hard cases made bad laws. The head of Scotland s most populous diocese made clear his opposition by stating that it is wrong in principle for someone to take their own life and it is wrong in principle for someone to help them to do so.  Speaking during the annual ˜Mass for Health Care Workers Archbishop Conti went on to emphasise that attempted suicide is no longer a criminal offence but that laws against ass...
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