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BCOS Meeting 7 September 2020 

Posted by SCMO on 21st September 2020 in Blogging |
BCOS Meeting 7 September 2020     Conference Report:     The meeting was held over two sessions via Teams. All members of the Bishops’ Conference participated. Sir Harry Burns contributed for a part of the morning session which addressed in detail the implications of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on places of worship.    In his contribution, Sir Harry advised that the existing limits on maximum attendance of 50 for Mass and 20 for Weddings and Funerals were without scientific foundation and he could see no logical reason for them. Following a wide-ranging discussion on this, it was clear that this perspective was unanimously held. Sir Harry a...

Bishops say, high standards of infection control mean public worship and parish life can carry on

Posted by SCMO on 5th October 2020 in Blogging |
Scotland’s Catholic Bishops say, high standards of infection control mean public worship and parish life can carry on.   Monday 5 October 2020   In a letter sent to Scotland’s 500 Catholic parishes, the bishops of Scotland urge the catholic community to maintain their “meticulous” infection control and safety measures. The letter points out, that the rate of Covid-19 infections is on the rise across Scotland and public anxiety is increasing, asking priests and parishioners, to “persevere in our efforts to reduce the risk of transmission and to ensure that our parishes and communities adhere to all infection control measures that have been put in...

Scottish Government urged to follow Pope’s lead and foster “constructive dialogue”

Posted by SCMO on 13th October 2020 in Blogging |
Scottish Government urged to follow Pope’s lead and foster “constructive dialogue” !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?"http":"https";if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");   Tuesday 13 October 2020   The Bishop of Motherwell, Bishop Jopseph Toal has called on the Scottish Government to act in the words of Pope Francis to “foster encounter and to seek convergence on at least some issues.” Writing in today’s Herald newspaper, Bishop Toal, referring to the r...

Bishop calls for Christmas “circuit breaker” in war on COVID

Posted by SCMO on 26th October 2020 in Blogging |
In an article in the Sunday Times (25 October 2020) Bishop John Keenan has called for a  Christmas “circuit breaker” comprising a 24-hour lifting of restrictions on gatherings and celebrations,  in the war on COVID on Christmas day. The full text of Bishop Keenan's article is shown below:       The recent advice from Scotland’s National Clinical Director Prof Jason Leitch that we should prepare for a “digital” celebration of Christmas, and the idea of a normal Christmas was a "fiction" with "absolutely no question" of a "normal" Christmas being allowed, was dismal news. As it came in the middle of renewed restrictions and talk of even further...

Bishops publish letter of hope on Pandemic

Posted by SCMO on 7th December 2020 in Blogging |
7 December 2020 Scotland’s Catholic Bishops publish letter of hope. In a National Pastoral Letter to Scotland’s Catholic community, the Catholic Bishops of Scotland have highlighted “reasons for hope, as we live through these difficult times”. The document, suggests society has begun to rediscover universal human dignity, pointing out that when citizens were asked “to make difficult and prolonged sacrifices for the sake of the most vulnerable and they willingly responded.” The letter describes this genuine concern for the vulnerable as “obvious and beautiful”. The letter goes on to hope, that “the love and compassion we have shown amid so mu...

Seminary Provision

Posted by SCMO on 5th December 2020 in Blogging |
5 December 2020The Scottish Bishops have undertaken a detailed review of Seminary Provision in recent months. A significant consideration in the review has been the affordability of upgrading the existing Pontifical Scots College in Rome to the standards required.  The Bishops have accepted that the costs of this work are beyond the resources of the Conference. Considering the building’s distance from the centre of Rome, they have concluded that the sale of the building on the Via Cassia and relocation to a more central location is the best option for the formation needs of the community and for future provision.  Alternative suitable and affor...
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