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Pope invited to Glasgow

Posted by SCMO on 5th June 2014 in Christianity |
Pope invited to GlasgowGlasgow s Archbishop, Philip Tartaglia has written to Pope Francisasking him to consider a day visit to the city to mark the 400thanniversary of the martyrdom of St John Ogilvie, who was executed atGlasgow Cross on 10 March 1615.In his letter to Pope Francis asking him to visit the city on thesaint s anniversary and feast day, the Archbishop said: It would bewonderful if you could come to Glasgow for a day for this unique event.I would envisage your visit as being of a purely religious-pastoralnature,   ¦ I know that this is short notice for the visit of a Pope ¦ I presentthis request to you without any expectations or sense of entit...

Archbishop Tartaglia tells Clutha Service; "We have not forgotten"

Posted by SCMO on 29th November 2014 in Christianity |
...y, on the anniversary of the tragedy, we pray again for those who lost their lives that God will enfold them in his love, save them out of death and show them the light of his face. And for the injured that they are recovering from their trauma and are able to live a full life again.Look, I know these are inadequate words and I am sorry about that. Words are just not enough sometimes. They are ways of saying that things like this should never happen, that we are made for life not death, and that we hope that God will bring life and goodness and hope out of darkness and tragedy. So I hope that the Holy Spirit makes up the deficit in our limited human capacities a...

Catholic Church marks 25th anniversary of Pope's visit to Scotland

Posted by SCMO on 20th August 2007 in Christianity |
...Over 100,000 copies of a commemorative booklet marking the 25th anniversary  of the visit to Scotland of Pope John Paul II will be distributed to all 500  Catholic parishes in Scotland during the week beginning 26 August.  The text of the booklet quotes extensively from the texts used by the late  Pope during his 2 day visit in 1982 and is in the form of a letter from  Scotland's eight Catholic bishops. (The full text is shown below)  The publication also contains photographs of key moments in the visit.  Additionally, the National Pilgrimage planned for September 2nd at Carfin  will also mark the 25th anniversary of the Papal visit.  ENDS  Peter Kearn...


Posted by SCMO on 13th November 2007 in Christianity |
...CARDINAL AND FIRST MINISTER CELEBRATE 500th anniversary  OF THE SWORD OF STATE  Scotland should never hide its treasures again, First Minister Alex Salmond said today on the 500th anniversary of the Sword of State for Scotland.  The sword was presented to King James IV in 1507 as a gift from Pope Julius II, and is one of the three elements of the Honours of Scotland, Scotland's Crown Jewels. The other elements are the Crown and the sceptre.  In the 17th century Oliver Cromwell ordered that all regalia should be broken. However, the Scottish Crown Jewels were hidden in Dunnottar Castle and successfully smuggled out to Kinneff Parish Church when the castle was...

Scots Seminarians meet Pope Francis

Posted by SCMO on 14th April 2016 in Blogging |
...To mark the 400th anniversary of priestly formation the seminarians from the Pontifical Scots College in Rome will have a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican later today (Thursday 14 April)   They will be accompanied by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and Archbishop Leo Cushley and by the staff of the College the Rector, Fr. Daniel Fitzpatrick, the Vice Rector, Fr. Gerald Sharkey and the Spiritual Director, Fr. Mark Cassidy.   Archbishop Tartaglia said:   “I am very pleased to be participating along with Archbishop Leo Cushley at the Audience Pope Francis has kindly agreed to grant to our College in Rome to mark the 400th Ann...

Cardinal O'Brien highlights the "barbaric indifference to the rights of the unborn"

Posted by SCMO on 23rd October 2008 in Christianity |
...Friday 24 October 2008Cardinal O'Brien highlights the "barbaric indifference to the rights of the unborn" as 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approaches.Speaking at the SPUC Scotland Conference in Glasgow tomorrow (Saturday 25 October) Cardinal Keith O'Brien will conclude that although a framework of universal human rights has been established across the world since the end of the Second World War, "the harsh reality is that the noble words of so many high blown declarations have been matched with a barbaric indifference to the rights of the unborn."The Cardinal will address the wider challenges facing the pro-life movement in Scotla...
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