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Catholic Church launches "Da Vinci Code" DVD

Posted by SCMO on 17th May 2006 in Christianity |

... Director Peter Kearney and comments from senior pupils who have read the book and watched the lecture. Their will be opportunities for interviews and photographs.  Commenting on the initiative, Peter Kearney said;  "The Church in preparing this resource is simply responding to reports that many Christians having read the "Da Vinci Code"felt their faith weakened or threatened by it. To those left feeling unsure about their religious beliefs we offer facts in place of fiction and reassurance on the basic truths of their faith. We hope people find this useful and see the release of the film as an opportunity to widen awareness of the Christian Gospels rather tha...

Archbishop calls for St Andrew’s Day Holiday

Posted by SCMO on 29th November 2011 in Christianity |  ENDSPeter KearneyDirectorCatholic Media Office5 St. Vincent PlaceGlasgowG1 2DH0141 221 116807968 122291pk@scmo.orgwww.scmo.orgMASS FOR FEAST OF ST ANDREW30 NOVEMBER 2011My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,I suspect that I do not need to tell you of the great joy I feel at being able to celebrate this Mass for you on the feast of our national patron, St Andrew,in this newly restored Cathedral Church which is dedicated to him, for the first time since its re-opening.That joy is shared by the Chapter of Canons here   with me fulfilling their proper role in the Cathedral Church, reciting the office of the day in choir and assisting the Bishop in the liturg...

Statement from Cardinal Keith O’Brien on the announcement by Pope Benedict XVI

Posted by SCMO on 11th February 2013 in Christianity |

...tiff. ENDSPeter KearneyDirectorCatholic Media Office5 St. Vincent PlaceGlasgowG1 2DH0141 221 116807968 122291pk@scmo.orgwww.scmo.orgNote to Editors:1.      Cardinal O Brien will be 75 on 17 March 2013, the statutory retirement age for Catholic Bishops, but he remains a Cardinal Elector, with a vote in any Papal Conclave until he reaches the age of 80.2.      Cardinal O Brien participated in the previous Conclave on 19 April 2005, which elected Pope Benedict XVI.3.      The full text of the Pope s announcement is shown below:BOLLETTINO N. 0089 - 11.02.2013 4Dear Brothers,I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but...

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia on the current difficulties facing the Catholic Church in Scotland

Posted by SCMO on 04th March 2013 in Christianity |

... interviewPeter KearneyDirectorCatholic Media Office5 St. Vincent PlaceGlasgowG1 2DH0141 221 116807968 ...

Archbishop Leo Cushley receives his Pallium from Pope Francis

Posted by SCMO on 29th June 2014 in Christianity |

...sion."ENDSPeter KearneyDirectorCatholic Media Office5 St. Vincent PlaceGlasgowG1 2DH0141 221 1168(T)0141 204 2458(F)07968 122291(M)pk@scmo.orgwww.scmo.orgNote to Editors:1.      Photographs will be available from: Fr Scott Deeley “ 07734 5297672.      The pallium is a circular band of white wool about two inches wide, worn about the neck, breast, and shoulders, and having two pendants, one hanging down in front and one behind. The ornamentation of the pallium consists of six small black crosses ” one each on the breast and back, one on each shoulder, and one on each pendant. The crosses on the breast, back, and left shoulder are provided with a loo...

New Plans for St Peter's Seminary, Cardross

Posted by SCMO on 05th July 2004 in Christianity |

...  ENDS  Peter Kearney  Director  Catholic Media Office  5 St. Vincent Place  Glasgow  G1 2DH  0141 221 1168  ...
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