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Catholic bishops announce decision to suspend Mass in public

Posted by SCMO on 18th March 2020 in Blogging |
...called to support one another in every way we can, especially those who are most vulnerable, through age or underlying conditions. Even in the midst of any necessary “distancing” we must stand by each other.   We ask you to pray for the sick, those caring for them, for those in positions of responsibility with difficult decisions to make, indeed for our whole country and the entire human family. Most of all, we are being asked to put our trust in the living God who has created everything to be and to flourish and whose providence guides the course of world events.  We put our trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, and the true physician o...

Scottish Bishops comment on election issues

Posted by SCMO on 15th March 2005 in Christianity |
...nd remain supportive of  amendments that limit its effects. This would include reductions in the  legal time limit for abortions.  FREEDOM FROM POVERTY:  We live in a time of grave international tension where poverty exists at  home and abroad on a dehumanising level. Though most in our society have  benefited from economic prosperity, many remain excluded. Meanwhile in other  countries we see poverty and hunger on an appalling scale. We have a duty,  founded in love and solidarity with our fellow citizens and the citizens of  the world to ensure that all have the opportunity to share in the goods of  the earth and the prosperity that human work has cr...
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