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Presentation to Catholic Education Commission 'Field Officer' Mr John Oates

Posted by SCMO on 8th December 2003 in Christianity |
At a meeting of the Catholic Education Commission in Glasgow on Saturday 6 December 2003, a presentation was made to Mr John Oates, Field Officer for the Commission, to mark his retirement. John Oates a retired secondary school head teacher has been a member of the Commission for 22 years, serving as Field Officer for more than half that period. Following the creation earlier this year of the Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES), it was agreed that the post of Field Officer would be discontinued in view of the fact that the SCES has a full time Director, Mr Michael McGrath. In a tribute to Mr Oates, Fr. Joe Chambers, Vice-President of the Commission prai...

Catholic Bishop speaks out on detention of asylum seekers children

Posted by SCMO on 13th March 2003 in Christianity |
 Catholic Bishop speaks out on detention of asylum seekers children Speaking following a visit to Dungavel Removal Centre near Strathaven, Bishop John Mone, Bishop of Paisley and President of the Catholic Church's Justice and Peace Commission has described the detention of children in a prison environment as "a disgrace" and "unacceptable". Bishop Mone has called on the Home Secretary to close the 'Family Unit' at Dungavel and find a "more humane way" of dealing with asylum seekers and their families. The full text of his statement is shown below. In August 2001 Bishop Mone called on Scots to view asylum seekers, "as an enrichment to our society not a chall...

Schools Charter Clarification

Posted by SCMO on 20th March 2005 in Christianity |
The following statement on the implications of the Charter for Catholic  Schools was issued today by Mr Michael McGrath, Director of the Catholic  Education Service.  "In June 2004, the document ˜A Charter for Catholic Schools in Scotland was  published by the Scottish Catholic Education Service on behalf of the  Bishops Conference of Scotland to describe the distinctive educational  provision offered by Catholic schools in Scotland."  "The Charter outlined ten essential elements of the Catholic Church s  philosophy of education which can be found in Catholic schools throughout  Scotland. The Charter stresses the Catholic school's role as a communit...

Bishop John Mone calls on Jack McConnell to defend or denounce the Dungavel Detention Centre's

Posted by SCMO on 9th May 2003 in Christianity |
In a strongly worded letter published in today's "Herald" newspaper Bishop John Mone, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland's Justice and Peace Commission called on Scotland's First minister Jack McConnell to defend or denounce the Dungavel Detention Centre's "Family Unit". Bishop Mone concludes:"We urgently require a quicker and fairer system of assessment of political refugees. A system that respects their human and civil rights and does not bring shame on our country." The full text of the letter is shown below. Dear Sir, Two years ago in the wake of the murder of Firsat Dag a 22-year-old asylum seeker living in Glasgow I called on the people o...

Catholic Church marks 25th Anniversary of Pope's visit to Scotland

Posted by SCMO on 20th August 2007 in Christianity |
Over 100,000 copies of a commemorative booklet marking the 25th Anniversary  of the visit to Scotland of Pope John Paul II will be distributed to all 500  Catholic parishes in Scotland during the week beginning 26 August.  The text of the booklet quotes extensively from the texts used by the late  Pope during his 2 day visit in 1982 and is in the form of a letter from  Scotland's eight Catholic bishops. (The full text is shown below)  The publication also contains photographs of key moments in the visit.  Additionally, the National Pilgrimage planned for September 2nd at Carfin  will also mark the 25th anniversary of the Papal visit.  ENDS  Peter Kearn...

Catholic Bishops issue comprehensive statement on Marriage and the Family.

Posted by SCMO on 28th January 2004 in Christianity |
Catholic Bishops issue comprehensive statement on Marriage and the Family.  Quarter of a million (250,000) leaflets containing the text of a comprehensive statement on Marriage and the Family will be distributed to Scotland's Catholic community this weekend (31 Jan & 1 Feb).  The widely-distributed statement follows a pledge given by Cardinal Keith O'Brien in December of last year when he promised that Scotland's Catholic Bishops intended to make 2004 a year in support of "Life and the Family".  In his December 2003 letter, Cardinal O'Brien said; "It is in the best interests of Scottish society, and is therefore a duty incumbent on all who are active in p...
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