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Day of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East – Tuesday 4 December

Posted by SCMO on 29th November 2012 in Christianity |
Tuesday 27 November 2012  Day of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East “ Tuesday 4 December  The Scottish Catholic Justice and Peace Commission with the approval of its President, Bishop Moran and the approval of Cardinal O Brien and Archbishop Tartaglia, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland, joins in the wider call for a Day of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East on 4 December. This is the feast of St John of Damascus (676-749), who lived and worked under the early Muslim Caliphate which had its capital in Damascus.  Speaking on behalf of the Commission, spokesman Tim Duffy said;   We would ask Catholics, along with all people of good will, to...

Bishops Conference of Scotland Meeting: March 2016

Posted by SCMO on 14th March 2016 in Blogging |
Summary of Meeting and Decisions   SUNDAY TRADING:   The Bishops' agreed to endorse a letter drafted by the Christian Institute on the subject of a proposed change in Sunday trading law in England & Wales. Although Employment Law is a reserved power to Westminster it could have knock on effects on the rights of Scottish workers. The letters are addressed to Scottish MP's. The text of the letter is shown below:   "Dear Sir,   On Wednesday the Westminster Parliament will vote on whether or not to liberalise Sunday trading laws in England and Wales.   Some might suggest that this is not a matter for Scotland but this is plainl...

Pope Francis announces an Eparchy in Great Britain for the faithful of the Syro-Malabar Rite

Posted by SCMO on 28th July 2016 in Blogging |
Pope Francis has today announced the creation of an Eparchy in Great Britain for the faithful of the Syro-Malabar Rite. The Syro-Malabar Church is an early Christian community in India which traces its origin to the arrival of St. Thomas, the Apostle, in 52 AD.   The Eparchy which is a jurisdiction similar to a Diocese will be governed by an Eparch. The Pope has appointed Fr. Joseph Srampickal, a priest of the Eparchy of Palai, at present Vice-Rector of Propaganda Fide College as the first Eparch.   The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is one of the 22 Eastern (Oriental) Catholic Churches in full communion with Rome. It is the second largest Eastern Ca...

Bishops announce appointment of new curator

Posted by SCMO on 18th July 2017 in Blogging |
The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland has announced the appointment of Dr Alison Burke as Curator of the Scottish Catholic Heritage Collection at Blairs Museum. Dr Burke was previously Creative Project Co-ordinator with Aberdeen City Council where she started in 2017 to build creative networks in Education in Aberdeen, working with arts based projects in the city’s schools.   She has also worked with the National Trust for Scotland as Manager of Drum Castle and Craigievar Castle and was awarded the George Waterson Award for Services in Conservation (2015) for conservation management of Drum’s collection and for project managing the creation of a bespo...
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