10 December 2018



The Bishops of Scotland have appointed Fr Jim Grant to be the new General Secretary of the Bishops' Conference. Fr Grant is currently Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish in Mossend, Bellshill in the Diocese of Motherwell. He succeeds Mgr Hugh Bradley who was appointed in 2012.



Commenting on the appointment, Bishop Joe Toal, Bishop of Motherwell said:



“I am happy that Fr Grant has accepted the Bishops’ request to succeed Mgr Hugh Bradley as General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland. I am sure he will carry out his duties as General Secretary very well and will bring his long experience as a Parish Priest to assist wisely the Bishops and all who work for the Conference in the time ahead. Of course, we will miss his ministry in Motherwell Diocese but we are happy to contribute generously to the National Church in allowing Fr Grant to serve as General Secretary.  He will still be resident in the Diocese and will continue to have an active role where possible. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him as he accepts this new challenge.”



Reacting to his appointment, Fr Grant said:



“It came as quite a shock to me to be asked to undertake this role. I never sought nor expected to be anything but a parish priest. It is the everyday pastoral work in a parish setting which energises me and where I have found great fulfilment and it is with a very heavy heart that I will leave parish ministry albeit for even a short time. I shall miss enormously being part of a parish community. This new role will be something completely different, however, I do see a pastoral element in the role of General Secretary to the Bishops’ Conference which is to support, encourage and affirm all the different agencies and individuals who do such great work for the Bishops’ Conference and indeed for Catholic Church in Scotland. In a sense, these people will become my new ‘parishioners’.”



Fr Grant added;



“I will find it hard to leave the wonderful Parish community of Holy Family, Mossend where I have spent over 23 years as Parish Priest.  I shall treasure my years there and as I move on to new pastures, I would hope to use the pastoral experience gained over the last 35 years in parish life in my new role.”






Note to Editors: Fr Grant’s appointment will take effect from 31 January 2019



Peter Kearney 


Catholic Media Office 

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Catholic Church warns against restricting free speech

| 24th March 2019 | Blogging

Sunday 24 March 2019   The Catholic Church has questioned the use of specific aggravations in the prosecution of hate crimes in Scotland. In a submission to the Scottish Government’s consultation on hate crimes, the church has raised concerns about the growing use of specific aggravations in law, which risk creating a growing “hierarchy of protected characteristics”.   In an endorsement of the right to freedom of expression, the church submission warns that in a climate of heightened sensitivity, the definition of ‘hate’ has become contentious and open to misuse. The submission states: “care must be taken to allow room for debate and a robust exchange of views, ensuring that ‘hate’ doesn’t include the kind of ordinary discourse where people reasonably hold divergent views. The fundamental right to freedom of expression, and the right of an individual to hold and express opinions, even if they are considered by some to be controversial or unwelcome must be upheld.”   While questioning the use of statutory aggravations in principal, the church accepts that; “in the absence of a better and fairer system of recording base offences (including evidence of any specific prejudicial behaviour involved e.g. anti-Catholicism), we appreciate the practical benefits of the use of statutory aggravations to record specific types of offending behaviour and to monitor trends.”   Catholic Parliamentary Office Director, Anthony Horan said;   “We do not believe there is a need for sectarianism to be specifically addressed and defined in hate crime legislation. Existing legislation, including existing statutory aggravations, are adequate. We would oppose any move to shift existing protections to an unnecessary sectarianism aggravation and agree with Lord Bracadale that the absence of such an aggravation would not leave a gap in the law as both race and religion statutory aggravations can be attached to any base offence if proven.”   Mr Horan added; “Christian communities in Scotland enjoy a positive ecumenical relationship and we are concerned that government is proposing unnecessary legislation that undermines the development of community relations between them. The proposed aggravation assumes, wrongly, that where anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, anti-Irish or anti-British bigotry or racism occurs, those responsible are from another Christian denominations or Irish/British ethnicity.”   Mr Horan explained, that the church supported Lord Bracadale’s recommendation that there should be a protection of freedom of expression provision for offences concerning the stirring up of hatred, explaining; “Supressing the right to freedom of expression, as detailed in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights will create divisions and foster grievances across society. In a climate of heightened sensitivity there is a very real danger that expressing or even holding individual or collective opinions or beliefs will become a hate crime. We must guard against this and ensure freedom of expression, thought, conscience and religion are protected. Some people might suggest that expressing the Catholic Church’s position on marriage or human sexuality could be an attempt to stir up hatred. This would obviously be wrong, but without room for robust debate and exchange of views we risk becoming an intolerant, illiberal society.”   ENDS   Peter Kearney  Director  Catholic Media Office  5 St. Vincent Place  Glasgow  G1 2DH  0141 221 1168 07968 122291   Note to editors:   For further information or to obtain a copy of the full text of the Church submission to the Hate Crime Consultation contact; Anthony Horan, Director, Catholic Parliamentary Office, on 07903 952985 or        ...

Scottish Bishop calls on Scots to visit Holy Land

| 15th January 2019 | Blogging

Tuesday 15 January 2019   A Scottish Bishop has called on Scots to visit the Holy Land in order to help beleaguered Christian communities there who are dependent on pilgrims and tourism. Bishop William Nolan, the Bishop of Galloway is currently visiting the Holy Land as part of an international delegation in support of Christians in Israel and Palestine.   The “Holy Land Coordination” delegation is made up of Bishops from across Europe, North America and South Africa, who have made an annual pastoral visit to Israel and Palestine for the past 20 years.    Speaking from City of Haifa, Bishop Nolan said:   “In many parts of the Holy Land the indigenous Christian populations are declining or at risk. Many of them depend on pilgrims and tourism.” “I pray that Christians at home will consider visiting the land of Christ’s birth and in so doing give their support to Christian communities here.”   ENDS   Peter Kearney  Director  Catholic Media Office  5 St. Vincent Place  Glasgow  G1 2DH  0141 221 1168 07968 122291   Notes to Editors:   For images of Bishop Nolan in the Holy Land:     The Holy Land Coordination group’s annual meeting is taking place from 12th-17th January. The meeting will be held in the City of Haifa, including visits to Christian hospitals, schools and villages. The bishops will also take part in Inter-faith encounters.    The bishops visit Catholic communities and share in their Sunday liturgy, meeting with them. In difficult times, the visiting bishops have often heard pleas for more pilgrims to come from their home countries, and there has been a concerted and successful effort on the part of bishops’ conferences to encourage pilgrimages, assisting many whose livelihoods depend on pilgrims.   The bishops also speak at a high-level to their own governments, parliamentarians, Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors and the media about a wide range of issues affecting the lives of Christians. In line with the approach the Holy See adopts everywhere else, the bishops do not seek privileges for Christians, but dignity and justice for them and for others in similar conflicts.   List of 17 Holy Land Coordination Bishops   Rt Rev Stephen Ackermann, Bishop of Trier, Germany      Most Rev Stephen Brislin, Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa Most Rev Timothy Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services, USA Rt Rev Peter Burcher, Bishop Emeritus of Reykjavik, Iceland Bishop Rodolfo Cetoloni, Bishop of Grosseto, Italy Rt Rev Christopher Chessun, Bishop of Southwark, The Church of England Rt Rev Kevin Dowling, Co-President Pax Christi International, South Africa Rt Rev Michel Dubost, Bishop Emeritus of Evry-Corbeil-Essonnes, France Rt Rev Lionel Gendron, Bishop of St. Jean Longueuil, Quebec, Canada Rt Rev Felix Gmur, Bishop of Basel, Switzerland Rt Rev William Kenney, Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham, England & Wales Rt Rev Declan Lang, Bishop of Clifton, England & Wales Rt Rev Alan McGuckian, Bishop of Raphoe, Ireland Rt Rev William Nolan, Bishop of Galloway, Scotland Rt Rev Jose Ornelas Carvalho, Bishop of Setubal, Portugal Rt Rev Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor, Ireland Most Rev Joan Enric Vives Sicilia, Archbishop of Urgell, Spain ...

Memorial Mass marks 30th anniversary of Lockerbie bombing

| 21st December 2018 | Blogging

20 December 2018   On the 30th anniversary of the Lockerbie Air Disaster, Holy Trinity RC Church, Lockerbie will be open tomorrow (Friday 21 December) from 10am to allow visitors to call in for quiet reflection, to light a memorial candle or to have a chat and a cup of tea. The day will end with the celebration of Holy Mass at 7pm led by Bishop William Nolan with Canon Pat Keegans the former Parish Priest as guest preacher together with Fr Jim Hayes the current Parish Priest.   Bishop of Galloway, Bishop William Nolan said;   “Although 30 years have passed since the tragic events of 21 December 1988, the memories of the community of Lockerbie have not faded or diminished. The church today as then offers solace and support to all those affected and will continue to be present in the community of Lockerbie, praying for and supporting the town and its people as well as the American victims and their families.”   Canon Keegans who was parish priest in Lockerbie in 1988, will speak movingly of the aftermath of the disaster in his homily and say of the 270 who died;   “You are not just a distant memory.  You are not from the past.  You are precious people who live on in our hearts, for that is where your names are truly engraved.”   He will add;   “Some say that you have received justice.  I am not at all convinced.  What I can promise is that we will not close the book on the story of your lives, for the last chapter is still to be written:  Pan Am 103.  The truth must be known.  The whole truth.”   Canon Keegans will conclude his sermon by saying;   “30 years ago in the darkness we kept the lights on; the light of our love.  As Christmas approaches again this year we will hear the beautiful words concerning Christ.  “A light shines in the darkness, a light that darkness could not overpower.”  (John 1:5) Our loved ones who died now experience the fullness of life and light with God.”   ENDS   Peter Kearney  Director  Catholic Media Office  5 St. Vincent Place  Glasgow  G1 2DH  0141 221 1168 07968 122291   Note to Editors:   The full text of Canon Keegans’ homily is shown below.   EMBARGOED 7PM FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER 2018   The 30th Anniversary of Lockerbie Mass in Holy Trinity R C Church, Lockerbie Sermon by Canon Patrick Keegans   “Whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious; if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things”.  (Philippians 4:8)   These are holy and powerful words from Sacred Scripture.   Thank you for inviting me to be with you today for the 30th Anniversary of Lockerbie, the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the mass murder of 270 innocent victims, men, women and children.   Whenever I visit Lockerbie I go to Sherwood Crescent, Tundergarth, Rosebank, Park Place and eventually to the Garden of Remembrance and the Memorial Stone at Dryfesdale Cemetery. I stand in silence in front of the stone.  Sometimes I touch it.  I read the names engraved there, the names of all 270 murder victims who were killed on the 21st December 1988.   The Stone:  Is it just a list of names?  A number?  No. John Michael Gerard Ahern – his is the first name on the stone.  The letter “A”.  Mark James Zwynenburg – his is the last name on the stone.  The letter “Z”.  All the letters of the alphabet are contained on that stone.  270 precious individual lives from 21 different countries.  I reach out and touch a name.  There you are, Joanne Flannigan from Sherwood Crescent. You are only 10.  I remember you and I remember your friend Lyndsey Sommerville, who is 10, and her brother, Paul, who is 13.  And you, Joanne, and Paul and Lyndsey are delivering Christmas cards.  You ring my doorbell.  You hand me a card.  You smile and say, “Have a nice Christmas” and all three of y...

IRG Press Release

| 03rd December 2018 | Blogging

Monday 3 December 2018     The Independent Review Group (IRG) established by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland held a meeting today, (3 December 2018), with stakeholders from throughout the Catholic Church to announce and prepare for a professional audit of safeguarding in two Dioceses in Scotland to be conducted by Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and Children in Scotland (CIS).     The Dioceses randomly chosen from the 8 in Scotland are the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, and the Diocese of Galloway. The outcome of this detailed work is intended to ensure full implementation of the McLellan Commission’s recommendations and put in place a robust system of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults that can be measured against the best international standards.     Helen Liddell, Chair of the IRG commented: -     "We cannot eliminate the pain of those who experienced abuse in the past, but we can put in place not just procedures but a culture that both supports them and protects all those who most need our care and compassion in future".     “I chair a group of outstanding and experienced professionals who are committed to making sure children and vulnerable adults come to no harm when in the care of the Church. They have reviewed in considerable detail the self-administered audits of all the Scottish Dioceses and that knowledge, together with the professional audits announced today, will form the basis for putting in place procedures that meet the requirements of the McLellan Commission recommendations and that can stand up to the most rigorous analysis.”     “I am grateful that the Bishops Conference of Scotland have recognised the independence of the Review Group and have agreed to these procedures. The results of the audits will be made public at the same time as they are released to BCOS”.     ENDS     Note to Editors:     For further information, contact Richard Riley 07817 540144   The Social Care Institute for Excellence is an independent charitywhich advises on; Safeguarding, social care, health, housing and support to children and adults.   IRG Members Biographical details:   Helen Liddell (Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke) Chair, is a former Member of Parliament and Secretary of State for Scotland. She is a member of the House of Lords.    Bartolomeo Biagini is an educational consultant with extensive experience of leadership of children’s services, inspection and review.  He was formerly a lead HM inspector of education with responsibility for inclusion and was involved in child protection inspections.    Gordon Jeyes OBE was the UK's first Director of Children's Services and retired recently as the first Chief Executive of Ireland's Child and Family Agency (Tusla).     Roisin McGoldrick is a former member of the McLellan Commission. She is a registered social worker and is currently employed as a teaching fellow in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Strathclyde University.     Lesley Ann Russell is an experienced charity trustee and manager, specialising in organisation change, management of risk and safeguarding.      Donald Urquhart is the National Safeguarding Adviser to the Scottish Episcopal Church.  He is a retired police officer and has worked as both a lead officer and an independent chair of child protection committees in Scotland.     Lisa Markham is a safeguarding professional with extensive experience including work within the Church.     McLellan Commission’s 8 principal recommendations:     Support for the survivors of abuse must be an absolute priority for the Catholic Church in Scotland in the field of safeguarding. The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland should make a public apology to all survivors of abuse within the Church.     The ...