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8 October
Oct 8
8th October 2007

Life begins at the moment of conception. If we hadn't been conceived we simply wouldn't be here. This is a simple scientific and medical fact. If life doesn't begin at conception then when? Abortion is the taking of a unique and unrepeatable human life. If you are pregnant, you're having a baby. If you terminate a pregnancy (abortion), you take a baby's life. Abortion is an irreversible decision - you cannot get your baby back. Abortion has many victims. The baby is the first and most obvious victim. Its life is taken. The mother is also a victim. She is told she has the right to choose and yet women are never shown the consequences of the choice they make. Her child is spoken of as a foet...


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27 August
Aug 27
27th August 2005

The sick, the frail and the physically and mentally handicapped deserve our particular respect. They should rally our support and focus our thinking, because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Must we, in the case of terminal illness, do everything and anything possible to stay alive, despite the condition we may be in? The answer to this is cleary NO. There is no civil or religious law which says that we must stay alive at any cost. What is never permitted, however, is any act or omission which causes, or is intended to cause, death, in order to remove a person from suffering. This is euthanasia, sometimes called mercy killing. It is not necessary nowadays for anyone to die whi...


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3 March
Mar 3
3rd March 2003

There are certain teachings which the Catholic Church does not have the power to change. The law on the indissolubility of marriage is one of these areas: "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder" (cf Matthew 19:6-9). The Church has consistently upheld this belief for 2000 years. From St John Chrysostom to John Paul II the teaching remains constant. Annulment is not divorce. Annulment is a decree that no marriage ever truly existed owing to lack of consent, understanding or defect of form. Catholics who are in an abusive or unhappy relationship are not forbidden from obtaining a divorce, which is a civil procedure. They are committing no sin by getting divorced and should cont...